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One to One Coaching

I use a mixture of Coaching, Reiki healing, Reflexology, Breathwork, Aromatherapy, Massage, Somatic practices and Meditation to help you connect with what you want, work through limiting beliefs and possible traumas that may be holding you back on a physical, emotional and mental level. Our work together is truly holistic, looking at each area of your life, your current symptoms, health, relationships, work, family, environment and so much more. 

My work is focused on moving forward, but there will undoubtedly be some past experiences we will need to acknowledge, work through or heal as we progress. 

As a qualified Stress Management Trainer I will share practical methods to help you manage your stress. 


Four Week Stress Management Course

What we want in the first quarter or half of our lives is not necessarily going to stay the same as we move forward and grow. Our priorities, values and beliefs can change. If you have a yearning to slow down or to change direction, please know that this is normal and longing for the version of you that has been and gone is not going to bring it back.

It’s ok to want different things, it’s ok to change your mind. It’s ok to not want to work at the same pace all the time. It’s not ok to keep pushing on; ignoring your body and your intuition, living the same life and wondering what’s wrong with you; being stressed, frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled. 

This journey is for those who have a deep knowing that you want to live in a different way. To live with more flow, more harmony. 

It is for those who are ready to let go and surrender – however scary that sounds. If you’re reading this and getting that pull from your heart, your soul, or your whole body – it’s time to start releasing your reality as it is now and start building a life in alignment with your soul.  

During our time together I will use a combination of coaching, breathwork, mindfulness, reiki, essential oils, bodywork and somatic practices to help you move through this transition, release blockages, heal past trauma and get you reconnected and ready for this next stage of your life.

I work with people anywhere from one month to twelve months; the length of time depends on your situation, how fast you want to make changes, your health, your personality etc.

If you’re experiencing acute stress (one or two specific events are causing you short term stress but generally you love your life) we would probably work together once a week over the course of four to six weeks.

If you’re experiencing chronic stress that has been building up over time, you have had health issues for over two months, chronic overthinking, people pleasing, flimsy boundaries, low energy etc then we would work together anywhere between three to 12 months.

Get ready to make some serious changes. 

If you would like more details around this please feel free to drop me an email or book a consultation. 60 minute sessions for this combination of coaching and healing approach are £65.

If you would prefer pure coaching, a 60 minute session is £75. 


Have you already started working towards your soul inspired life but you’re going through a rough time of self doubt, stress, lack of motivation or feeling really bloody lonely? 

We’ve all been there! This four week program gives you space to regroup, untangle your thoughts, reconnect with yourself, possibly shift direction if needed and then get back at it. 

We will meet for an hour a week over four weeks and focus on whatever you need to work through, setting action points between sessions and making sure you leave with a plan going forward. 

This is also a popular one with clients I have already worked with as something they do once a year to make sure they’re still aligned with how they’re living their life; either as a ‘spring clean’ in Q1, a mid year check in, or an end of year debrief to reflect and evaluate the year, and decide on any changes for the following year.


Have you got a business idea which will support your aligned life and need to brainstorm it with someone outside your circle to get some clarity? Or you know your plan but you’ve hit a wall, need to reconnect to your ‘why’, possibly re-think some things and then move forward with purpose. 

This is a 90-minute coaching session designed to help you re-group with yourself. Whatever you need to discuss that is holding you back we will tackle together, pull it apart, challenge it and then decide on a clear way forward. 

We will spend this time together going over whatever you need to cover; whether that’s you discussing a business plan, needing a rant, offloading, personal life, boundaries or needing more manageable goals, you’ll leave with a set plan of what you’re going to do or focus on for the next three months.   

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Holistic Therapies

To book an holistic therapy appointment please use the following links:
60 minutes
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If there is a specific therapy you would like, please specify this in the ‘additional notes’ section of the booking page, otherwise we will decide what your body and mind need on the day; whether it’s a mix of modalities or a specific treatment.

Combination Session

These sessions combine healing and coaching; we use the time however you need.
60 minute Combination Session
90 minute Combination Session
Two hour Combination Session


If you’re unsure what you need and would like to talk things through, please book a 30 minute consultation here.