SIAN HARVEY CIDESCO, CIBTAC, ITEC, MFHT, Dip. Stress Management Training

Siân Harvey

For People Who Know There’s More To Life

Hi! I'm Siân...

I work with people who want to live their lives with less stress and more soul.

Do you have an inner knowing that there has to be more to life? Are you experiencing stress, overthinking, overwhelm, guilt, disconnect, lack of passion, frustration or burnout? 

  • You may know you need more balance and fulfilment but not sure where to start
  • Or you know you’re meant for more; one part of you feels you should be grateful for your current life but another nagging part knows that this can’t be it
  • You may be living with fatigue, panic attacks, insomnia, IBS, self doubt, imposter syndrome and mood swings – these are symptoms – they are not just ‘how you are’; your body is trying to tell you that something needs to change

My mission is to normalise living a soul-inspired life for as many people as possible.

I work with clients who want to reconnect with themselves and what they want by using a holistic ‘top down and bottom up approach’ through coaching, breathwork, energy healing, holistic therapies, mind management practices and somatic exercises. I’m all about mixing the ‘woo’ with down to earth practicality. 

How I support you: 

Untangling your thoughts and managing your stress 
Getting clear on practical action points and timelines to get to where you want to be
Understanding what boundaries you need to put in place
Making sure you’re taking care of yourself whilst you’re on this mission
 Providing stress management and mind management tools for you to use every day
Being your thinking partner
Listening with no judgement
Help you come to your own conclusions in a safe space without offering unwanted advice
Being your accountability partner, shoulder to cry on, cheerleader and sounding board all in one

Let me help you find your fun again 

Let me help you find your fun again

Work with me

I work with women who are all in and are ready to make a change in their lives. If this is you, I offer the following:

Workbooks and Gift Vouchers

Four Week Stress Management Course

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If there is a specific therapy you would like, please specify this in the ‘additional notes’ section of the booking page, otherwise we will decide what your body and mind need on the day; whether it’s a mix of modalities or a specific treatment.

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