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Siân Harvey

About Me

Oooooooo, what to write. So, I’m an introvert, an empath, an HSP (highly sensitive person) and an overthinker. Let’s face it – I was always going to struggle with stress!!!! 

My personal journey with stress started from around seven years old with IBS and overthinking. Panic attacks started in my early teens, with anxiety, self-harming, people pleasing, emotional eating and drinking following soon after. Then in my late 20’s came overwhelm, imposter syndrome, insomnia, skin issues, brain fog, headaches, fatigue and then hitting a wall at 32.

About Siân Harvey

It was at that point I knew something had to change. I kept trying to squeeze myself into a life that didn’t fit me. 

I was working as an HR Manager at the time but I had a deep knowing that I didn’t want to live my life in line with ‘societal standards’ telling me it was expected that I should work Monday to Friday, with weekends designated to getting through the washing, ironing, life admin and also trying to shoehorn in some fun and fulfilment before going back to work on the Monday and starting all over again. 

But I didn’t see anyone else around me living the way I wanted to live so I figured I just wasn’t as resilient as other people and kept on going…. Until my body, emotions, mind and the universe had enough of me trying to force myself into this lifestyle that clearly wasn’t working for me. 

At this rather crap wall-hitting stage I started working with a life coach because although I’m one of those people who ‘feels the fear and does it anyway’ (even if it takes me weeks, months or years and a whole load of prosecco and crying first), I had a Soul Inspired Goal that seemed so big and out of reach that I needed to talk it through with someone who was actually already living hers and who wouldn’t tell me I should be grateful for what I already have, or doubt that it was possible.  

I had this dream that I wanted to help people be happy and design their own lives; to help them achieve what they know they’re capable of and make a difference in the world whilst living the life they wanted to live. 

Long story short (long story consisting of burnout, tears, self-doubt, a shit load of painful self-reflection, setting boundaries and having tantrums) I trained as a life coach at Animas, handed in my notice with no job to go to and no clients, and started up my business.

I was T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D of being seen as a life coach. I wanted to be taken seriously and not dismissed as a cheesy ‘woo woo’ person having a quarter life crisis – even though I absolutely loved life coaching and had experienced the power it can have first hand (and also incidentally I am 100% a woo woo person who had a quarter life crisis). 

But I bloody well felt the fear and did it anyway. 

So here I am. Embracing ALL the cheese. Speaking my truth, working my light and helping others bring their own Soul Inspired Goals into the world and living the lives they want to lead; with less stress and more soul.  

And I’m absolutely and completely bloody loving it. 

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